Lapin & Leichtling, LLP is a team of litigation attorneys who all handle every aspect of litigation and dispute resolution, from intake to trial, final hearing, arbitration, and appeal. Every lawyer on our team has experience in federal and state courts throughout the State of Florida. We are dedicated to representing our clients and litigating workplace harassment cases with skill, dedication, and integrity. We are results-oriented and focused on resolving the issues important to you. We can assist at any stage of a dispute, whether you are wondering if you can file a charge with the EEOC, negotiating a settlement or severance agreement, or seeking to pursue your case to trial or through arbitration.

Jonathan R. Rosenn, Esq. “Having spent seven years of my career representing personal injury victims, including victims of big tobacco in a historic class action, I became interested in representing victims of sexual harassment after hearing their stories.   No one should have to endure sexual harassment of any kind.   Sexual harassment in the workplace is particularly intolerable.   While nearly all of us can relate to the ordinary stress that any workplace will inevitably impose, having to cope with sexual harassment on top of the pressure of workplace responsibilities can cause severe distress, and demoralize even the most resilient.   I enjoy listening to and helping people, and want to be part of a solution to this serious problem.”

Alejandra Arroyave Lopez, Esq. “Victims of sexual harassment on the job shouldn’t hesitate to find justice. My number one goal is to listen and provide you guidance on the legal options available to you, all while respecting your confidentiality. Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your personal story. Hablo español.”

Benjamin Carter, Esq. “It is often said that a lawyer’s main job is to be a zealous advocate for his or her client, which brings to mind images of profound courtroom arguments.  My experience has taught me that zealous advocacy means different things depending on the case and, most importantly, the client.  In representing victims of workplace sexual harassment, I feel it is important to first and foremost be a confidential resource, by listening and providing informed guidance.  To be an effective advocate for you—whether in the courtroom, mediation, or an administrative setting—we must first understand your unique story.”

Jan Timothy Williams, Esq. “We are at a societal turning point when it comes to sexual misconduct in the workplace. As we see, and will continue to see, prominent men and women stepping forward with their stories of harassment, assault, and abuse of power, please consider entrusting me with your own. I have spent years fighting on behalf of large corporations and will put that knowledge and skill set to work on your behalf. Whether as a counselor, a confidential sounding board, or an attorney fighting for you in administrative and court proceedings, rest assured your experience will be taken seriously by myself and my office. We can find a solution, together.”



Gabriela Cortes, Esq. “Durante mis diez años de Carrera como abogada, he tenido el privilegio de representar los intereses de muchos clientes, siempre abogando por sus derechos, pero a la vez buscando soluciones prácticas, justas, y viables para sus problemas legales. Mi principal meta como abogada es darle a mi cliente una perspectiva total de su caso – hablamos de lo bueno del caso, de lo no tan bueno, y por supuesto, de las desventajas del mismo.  Sólo así sabremos a qué nos enfrentamos y cómo encontrar soluciones que satisfagan sus necesidades. Trabajo mano a mano con mis clientes, siempre considerando sus puntos de vista, para poder alcanzar sus metas, pues al final del día, estamos habando de la vida de una persona – y no de un caso más!  Nuestra firma cuenta con un grupo de abogados altamente calificados, listos para asistir a víctimas de acoso sexual en el trabajo.”