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“Having spent seven years of my career representing personal injury victims, including victims of big tobacco in a historic class action, I became interested in representing victims of sexual harassment after hearing their stories.   No one should have to endure sexual harassment of any kind. Sexual harassment in the workplace is particularly intolerable.   While nearly all of us can relate to the ordinary stress that any workplace will inevitably impose, having to cope with sexual harassment on top of the pressure of workplace responsibilities can cause severe distress, and demoralize even the most resilient. I enjoy listening to and helping people, and want to be part of a solution to this serious problem.”

Can a School District’s Policy to Allow Transgender Students to Access Bathrooms Consistent With Their Gender Identity Be a Basis for a Sexual Harassment Claim?

The Transgender Student

Paul is a 17-year-old junior high school student in Louisville, Kentucky whose sex was female at birth, but who, since at least the age of five, has

Nicole Reyes moved to the United States from the Philippines with her five-year-old daughter and husband just over a year ago, speaking minimal English. Through a family friend who knew the owner, Maria Santos, also from the Philippines, Mrs. Reyes got a job in Hotel Pagalit cleaning rooms. When she began her employment with the

Immediately after graduating from law school, Carl began working as a law clerk for Judge Jorge Martinez. Carl loved his job, which enabled him to watch civil and criminal trials, perform research and draft proposed legal opinions, provide recommendations to the judge, and meet other judges, law clerks and prominent lawyers in the community. After

Catherine, a cultured woman in her late fifties, had worked as a sales associate with her high-end retail employer for almost twenty years.   She loved her job, and excelled at it. Catherine was a people person. She had an approachable, polite, yet assertive demeanor, and had a knack for sizing up and tuning into customers.